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News : Work Experience Does Count

Work Experience Does Count

Despite the recent backlash against the government’s work experience scheme, it has been announced today that Young people taking part in the scheme are more likely to leave benefits and find a job.

The scheme came under attack earlier this year because of the threat of benefit sanctions if youngsters left early, forcing the Government to announce changes.

Researchers from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) looked at what happened to young people who started a work experience placement between January and May 2011. They found that the first 3,490 young people who took part in the Government placements were 16% more likely to be off benefits 21 weeks after starting than those in a similar group who did not take part.

Employment minister Chris Grayling said: "These early figures show our voluntary work experience scheme is making a big difference to the prospects of our young people, helping them get off benefits and into work."

"Work experience gives young people vital skills they will need to get a job and a chance to shine in front of a potential employer. Those who criticised the scheme have got it badly wrong."

Team Support's Comment
At Team Support we would definitely recommend young people not currently in employment to try to gain some sort of work experience. It is always more attractive to a prospective employer for a candidate to have some work history on their CV, whether that is paid or unpaid. Also, undertaking unpaid work experience show a level of commitment towards securing employment.

The jobs market is still very competitive and anything job seekers can do to give themselves an advantage should be considered.

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