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News : Employee Rewarded for retirement

Ian's Retirement after 30 Years of Service

After 30 years of dedicated Service Ian Ennis, Team Supports longest serving Employee retires and all the staff wish Ian good health and a happy retirement and thank him for all the support he has provided over the years

"I wish Ian a long, healthy and happy retirement and thank him for all his efforts, he has truly been a big part in the Team Support Growth" - Peter Huddleston Chairman

"Congratulations to Ian on his well deserved retirement after 30 years of dedicated service and I thank you for all your Support" - Steven Jack Managing Director

"I wish Ian All the best he's truly been a pillar in the Team Support Operations Team" - Greg Taylor Director

"It is with great pleasure and admiration we wish Ian Ennis Team Supports longest serving employee a long, health and happy Retirement" - Cliff Bradley Operations Director

"What can I say they don’t make them like Ian anymore and it truly has been a pleasure working with him and I wish him all the happiness Retirement brings him" - Tony Martin East London Manager
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