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La Poste UK Ltd "Due to the lack of predictability in workload volumes and our business growth over the last few years, we are a regular user of temporary agency staff. We have used Team Support exclusively to meet our needs for temporary staff and they continue to meet these needs by providing staff of a high standard.

Team Support have always been able to provide good quality staff, regardless of the number of staff required or the amount of notice we have given. The reliability of staff is key to us and we have not been disappointed in this aspect, we are confident that Team Support will react appropriately in the event of the “unexpected” being sprung upon us.

The team at TSS run a very good selection and reference checking process, they have worked with us to enhance this by ensuring that staff available to us have been pre-briefed on company background and health and safety requirements. This means not only are the people able to meet our basic requirements but can start work with minimal introductions to their workplace.

TSS combined a personalised approach along with a professional attitude and we regard them as a key ‘service partner’ as we continue to develop our business."

La Poste UK Ltd

Villanova UK Ltd “Villanova Food Ltd has worked with Team Support for the past three years. Team Support has provided very reliable drivers and warehouse personnel and we have never been disappointed. Villanova highly recommends Team Support”

Villanova Food Ltd

Wilmot Budgen Ltd "As a manager, one of my most common problems has always been production hours, i.e. too few or too many, and of course this has a massive knock on of cost implication. Just over one year ago I brought in Team Support on a trail run of 5 staff for 1 month.

Due to the success of this trail 95% of all production hours used are now agency. This massive cost reduction (no work – no pay) has only been achieved because of the dedication and hard work of the Team Support team based in Slough. They have listened to what we said, they have completed a shift in production, and because of this they have supplied us with the right people for the work we do.

If I have a rush order come in and need extra staff I would not need to think about it. I only need to tell their liaison officer (member of their staff working here as a bench worker during the shifts) then forget about it, knowing that those hours requested would be there. Short notice has never been a problem with Team Support.

The Slough team run a very good selection process as 99% of the staff they supply are of a very high calibre, and when there has been an issue it has been dealt with straight away, in a very professional manner.

Combine professionalism with dedication, hard work and common sense then you have Team Support at Slough."

Wilmot Budgen Ltd

Brompton Bicycle Ltd "During the time I have worked with them, I have found Team Support to be extremely reliable in providing contract and permanent staff. It is reassuring to know that Team Support treat recruitment as an important issue for our company, and do not waste our time."

Brompton Bicycle Ltd

Chiquita UK Ltd "As a unit manager, there are times when due to climate changes, there are not enough man/women hours in a day to meet the deadlines, and keep everyone happy. However, since using Team Support, I am pleased to say this problem has been resolved for me. I would like to commend them on the following points:

1. Quality of staff provided has been excellent. On the occasions when a person has not preformed, Team Support withdrew them without hesitation.
2. Volume of staff provided. There has never been, to date, an incident when I have had a shortfall of numbers.
3. On the occasions that I have needed immediate response, i.e. within 4 hours notice, Team Support have met the numbers and times that have been required.
4. Their rates are competitive, but from past experience of other agencies, of far greater return.
5. By supplying a shift supervisor on each shift, Team Support have reduced my direct staff supervision by untold hours, and thus allowed me to do the work that I am paid to do.
6. Their level of communication is of the highest standard.

With the above points I am able to make just one phone call to one agency (Team Support) and all my problems/short fall of hours are dealt with straight away, with the knowledge that the workers arriving are of a higher standard, need little support and will always give 100% at any task they are set. Through Team Support’s efforts at the first stage, i.e. interview, we have the correct staff doing the correct work. This is why we now only use Team Support for any staff required in any post."

Chiquita UK Ltd

Compagnie Fruitiere UK Ltd "From our initial meeting with Team Support Services they have provided practical and useful solutions to our staffing requirements, we appreciate the quick reaction time of the team when we increase our demand for additional labour at short notice, and the fact that someone is available outside of normal working hours if we need to contact them."

Compagnie Fruitiere (UK) Ltd

As mentioned in an earlier conversation, I just wanted to say what great service we have had from Jobelle.
When booking last minute ( sometimes really last minute) staff requirements for some of our new sites, She has always been professional, helpful, polite, going above and beyond by calling back to check in with us out of hours, and has maintained a sense of humour throughout!.
Clients are often quick to criticize poor service, but fail to acknowledge exceptional service, and I wanted to try and redress the balance a little.

Kind Regards


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